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Sunu Buga Buga - Growing in The Gambia

Association for development cooperation in Gambia

160 children will have breakfast all year round at our school in Gambia if just 1000 people like you contribute €6 each, just once. Thank you for your support!

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«It always seems impossible until it is done»

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What we do


We educate to for self-esteem, placing the effort in recognizing ones potential, to create new opportunities that help move forward with dignity, with respect and with the value that corresponds to each human being.

Educational service

Sunu Buga Buga is a school, with the kindergarten and primar cycles. We work with a nondirective teaching system, aiming to nourish initiative and personal achievement within every child.

Sanitary service

At Sunna Buga Buga we open our medicine cabinet every morning, functioning as a clinic for essential nursery needs. When necessary we grant access to the hospital.

Social service

El Sunu Buga Buga es sin duda el centro de toda la comunidad y población donde los vecinos y vecinas de la zona se acercan cuando los problemas oprimen, o simplemente a saludar y a pasar un rato


We look for collaborating partners who can sponsor our work regularly. This way breakfasts and local teachers salaries are safely subsidized. Many other small big things benefit from continuos collaboration.

Breakfasts at Sunu!

En el Sunu Buga Buga las y los niños desayunan cada día gracias a las aportaciones de socios  y socias y al dinero recaudado en las campañas. Si lo deseas puedes contribuir a que los desayunos sigan siendo posibles

Sponsor local teachers

Las profesoras y profesores del Sunu Buga Buga son locales, se les paga un salario digno gracias a las aportaciones de las personas o empresas asociodas y al dinero recaudado en las campañas. Si lo deseas puedes contribuir a la causa

Material Donations

If you have school or teaching equipment, toys or any other material that you think may be useful to the Sunu Buga Buga, you can contact us for details on how to send the supplies.

Growing in the Gambia
The future depends on what you do today
"The day never goes back again" African proverb
Participate in the Gambia with all of us
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