"A space for everybody, where we like to be and in which we are growing" Sunu Buga Buga

Became a partner

We think that every fair and necessary project succeeds. The partners of the Sunu Buga Buga represent the economic backbone for the operation of our center in The Gambia.

You can be a member of the Sunu Buga Buga and contribute starting with a 6 euro per month fee, if you wish to help with more you decide the amount. The fee will be charged as requested: monthly, semi-annual or annual. 

You are very welcome, thanks for being there.

** If you are a business please state so in order for us to contact you!

I collaborate with Sunu Buga Buga since their beginnings and it’s being a truly enriching experience
Cristina Álvarez
Sunu Buga Buga partner
I’m very happy to be a partner of Sunu Buga Buga and to be capable of collaborating in such a necessary project in The Gambia
Miriam Rodríguez
Sunu Buga Buga partner
Collaborating with the Sunu Buga Buga allows me to continue growing and to have the small details of life present in my life
Jaione Goikoetxea
Sunu Buga Buga partner
Growing in the Gambia
The future depends on what you do today
"The day never goes back again" African proverb
Participate in the Gambia with all of us
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