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¡ New Campaing 1000x6 !

160 children will have breakfast all year round at our school in Gambia if just 1000 people like you contribute €6 each, just once. 
Thank you for your support!

We are looking for people or collaborating entities that, if possible, will act as sponsors on a stable basis. To subsidise breakfasts for students and local teachers. 
Or many other great little things!

Breakfasts at Sunu!

At the Sunu Buga Buga children have their daily breakfast thanks to our partners contributions and from funds raised on our campaigns. You help can continue making breakfasts possible.

Sponsor local teachers

Teachers at Sunu Buga Buga are members of the community, they have a dignified wage thanks to partners donations and funds raised on campaigns. Your contribution to the cause can have a great impact

Material Donations

If you have school or teaching equipment, toys or any other material that you think may be useful to the Sunu Buga Buga, you can contact us for details on how to send the supplies.

All of a sudden we received dolls and car toys and I realised their need for playing. Afternoon workshops hace become a space for playtime
Verónica Hormaechea
Sunu Buga Buga
The first time children saw the toys they all started to run and jump. They realise everything is for them to share, for the whole community of Sunu Buga Buga.
Ebou Nyang
Sunu Buga Buga

Massages Beyond Borders

600 for 10 Campaing

2015/2016 school year

Charitable calendar 2020

The solidarity calendars of the Sunu Buga Buga for 2020 are now on sale! All funds raised will go entirely to breakfasts for the children at Sunu. Purchase them at the following places:

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