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Since January 2016 until its completion, building the school was an added daily activity. The construction project has been carried out thanks to the financial assistance of many individuals and two Basque Town Halls, Getxo and Zalla. El proyecto de la construcción se ha podido llevar a cabo gracias a la ayuda económica de muchas personas que han colaborado a nivel particular y de dos Ayuntamientos vascos, Getxo y Zalla.

The construction of the new school has been funded in three parts, 59% has been financed by the City of Getxo, 20% has been financed by the City of Zalla and the remaining 21% has been financed by friends of the Sunu Buga Buga.

It is worth noting the great help of Juanito (Jhon A-c), he worked with us for two months in everything related to masonry. His guidance was essential for a firm foundation, good pillars and a leveled building… everything needed for a solid and lasting building.

After a long year and a half, some complicated moments and unexpected stopovers (the instability of the country during the change of government, the lack of funds waiting for grants…) the school was ready. It has been a time full of magical, wonderful and fun moments. Thank you all for being there, for contributing and for being part in making this real.

School under construction

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