"La enfermedad y los desastres van y vienen como la lluvia, pero la salud es como el sol que ilumina el pueblo entero" Proverbio africano

Sanitary service

The Sunu Buga Buga has a medicine cabinet where those in need are tended to every morning. We are available for emergencies at all times. Basic medical and nursing service is provided and people in need are referred to the hospital. 

We cover the costs of both transportation and medical care, as well as the cost of medicines for all families who need it. Sunu Buga Buga works directly in contact with the Cuban medical mission in The Gambia which, with an appointment, guarantees suitable care for each patient.

Along these years there has been a positive change in attitude within the families of the community. Initially we found rejection and resistance to attend the hospital because it meant a great physical and economic effort and, in most cases, ended with in a prescription for unaffordable medicine.

Knowing that access to health care and access to right medication is math the communities reach has changed the prevailing mentality and grown trust.

When you are in a community, needs arise, and one basic need is healthcare. Access to the medical service is a problem here.
Verónica Hormaechea
Sunu Buga Buga
The first time I went to Sunu Buga Buga it was due to my eyes. I needed treatment. The second time I was not feeling well and Veronica, as she always does, called the doctor and gave me an appointment.
Omar Janneh
Community neighbour
I am very happy because if it wasn’t for the medicine cabinet at Sunu Buga Buga, many of us wouldn’t be able to afford to go to the hospital or to pay for our medicines.
Ida Nyang
Community neighbour
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