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Social service

As a community center, Sunu Buga Buga provides social assistance to families in the community. The Children of the World Federation and private donors bring us basic materials like clothing, footwear, hygiene products, rice... and it is distributed among families.

Whenever necessary, we intercede to help in the understanding between parties in conflict, bringing respect and gender equality to the table. The Sunu Buga Buga is always open to listen and help in any economic or logistical emergencies arising among the families of the community.

All the activities that take place in the Sunu Buga Buga, including the school and school supplies, are absolutely free and are intended for families with very low incomes living in poverty.

There have been many changes, now the kids have a place to go; they are focused instead of just hanging out in the street with nothing to do. I am happy because the children’s needs, such as clothing and education, are covered.
Ida Nyang
Community neighbour
Most people in this community, in Bijilo, do not have a job. Surviving, finding food, is quite hard. Survival is from hand to mouth.
Ebou Nyang
Sunu Buga Buga
The community is changing and especially the girls and boys. Also, we can now access medicines, shoes and other basic needs. I appreciate the fact that this place was created and the work they are doing. And we all have to work hand in hand.
Omar Janneh
Community neighbour
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